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First cycle

Producer: Euro-Pharmacies

Packaging: 2 vials of  15 ml Testosterone, 50 tabs of Anastrozole, 50 tabs of Clomixin

Category: AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids)

InfoA complete first cycle pack in Euro-Pharmacies contains 50 tabs of Anastrozole, Clomixin, and two vials each of Testosterone Enanthate of 15 ml. This AAS programme is the first that newbies typically complete during their first steroid cycle. Ten weeks are the duration of this programme.

Expected positive effects:

  • Increased muscle mass: Testosterone enanthate is noted for its pro-muscle growth and strengthening effects, which could lead to significant muscle gains.
  • Improved Recovery: Higher protein synthesis that is supported by testosterone is going to be the biggest thing helping with faster healing between workouts.
  • Strength Gains: Some users may find that they are stronger, which could lead to more productive workouts.

Usage schedule:

During the course of 10 weeks, 250 mg of Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate is injected twice a week. For both of these, and to ensure the cycle is safe and effective, hormone levels and health signs must be monitored frequently.

Post-Cycle Therapy (PTC):

You will also use Clomiphene Tablets as post-cycle treatment, and begin taking them two weeks after your last testosterone injection. The recommended dose of 50 mg per day is maintained for 4 weeks in order to allow the body to get back to its natural hormone production.

Anastrozole tablets can also be taken for additional medicinal purposes to avoid the adverse effects of oestrogen hormones. In general, however, they should not be started in the first cycle unless there is a sign or a blood test that the oestrogen level is already high.


The first cycle pack from Euro-Pharmacies is well organised and complete to go for those who are new to steroid use. Supporting this with well-detailed dosing recommendations, monitoring guidelines, and post-cycle therapy splits, users have a good basis to begin from in confidence, and the potential for gains, with reduced risk.

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