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Main characteristics All specifications
Dose:: 10 mg/tab
Package:: 100 tab
Release form:: Oral
Type:: AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids)

Winstrol 10

Manufacturer: Pharmaqo Labs

Category: Oral

Dose and Quantity: 10 mg/tablet

Packaging: 100 tablets

Form: Oral

Active Substance: Stanozolol

Active Half-Life: 9 hours

Classification: AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids)

Dosage: 20-50 mg per day

Water Retention: No

Aromatization: No



Many athletes and bodybuilders prefer to use Pharmaqo's premium anabolic steroid, Winstrol, because it enhances performance and results in a well-defined body. It is produced by a well-established pharmaceutical company called Pharmaqo Labs that deals in the making of safe and successful performance-enhancing drugs which help the users attain their goals. They call it Stanozolol too; it has the ability to make one faster, stronger and last longer.

Benefits for Bodybuilders:

Winstrol by Pharmaqo is most valued during cutting phases as it aids in achieving a slender and well-chiseled body. For this reason, its influence on protein synthesis as well as nitrogen retention within muscle tissues improves on muscle development processes and hastens recuperation thereby underscoring its place within fitness programs.

Pharmaqo's Winstrol has the remarkable attribute of boosting athletic performance without having any side effects like water retention hence it is ideal for athletes who do not want any bloating or increase in mass while still maintaining its burning efficiency. In addition, its ability to burn fats aids in a more well chiseled outlook.

Side Effects:

You might have liver strain, heart problems or changed levels of fats in blood. People could also feel pain in their joints or have less testosterone hormone than normal.

How to Use:

Beginners can start with 20 mg every day while trying to stay in shape; if you are already big on workouts then perhaps consider increasing your dosage to 50 milligrams per day hence improving workout efficiency . More experienced people who wish to step up their performance levels may think about going for fifty milligrams because they know what works best for them and this could be done by increasing it up to fifty milligrams of weight loss pills per day while attaining desired results.

10 mg/tab
100 tab
Release form:
AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids)

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