HgH Somatropin ( Human Growth Hormone ) 100IU

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Dose:: N/A
CAS Number:: 12629-01-05
Molecular Formula:: C39H60N8O13
Package:: 100IU/10vial
Release form:: Bottle


Manufacturer: Hilma Biocare

Package: 100 IU / 10 vials

Form: Lyophilized powder

Info: A synthetic version of the growth hormone produced in the body is Human Growth Hormone or Somatropin. Somatropin, derived from the synthetic form, is most commonly used to refer to every form of Human Growth Hormone. Human Growth Hormone serves different functions in the body. In modern medicine for both medical and performance enhancement purposes it has a great number of uses. Somatropin emulates the natural growth hormone by stirring growth as well as cell reproduction and regeneration processes. It triggers off the liver to produce insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) essential for muscular development and metabolic activities. DONE HGH(1000) HGH also known as human growth hormone affects different physiological aspects of life such as synthesis of proteins, burning of fats and retains tissues for muscles besides bones. The HGH profile includes no androgenic index and a high anabolic index. There is no aromatization, acne, or liver toxicity. Water retention is rare, and high blood pressure is rare.


The effects and benefits of HGH include fat loss (uses body fat as an energy source), strengthened joints and tendons, improved skin appearance, new muscle cell formation, increased bone mineralization, enhanced calcium retention, accelerated wound healing, healthier skin, and better sleep.

                        Dosage Range and Duration:

                        The common cycle duration is 3 to 6 months. Dosages are as follows: beginners: 4-5 IU/day, hobbyists: 5-10 IU/day, professionals: 8-32 IU/day, and women: 1-6 IU/day. The half-life is about 2.5 hours, with an active life of about 24 hours, varying by injection method.

                        Side Effects:

                        • Users of HGH Somatropin may experience discomfort and pain in their joints, which can affect mobility and daily activities.
                        • Prolonged use of HGH can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, characterized by numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hands due to pressure on the median nerve.
                        • HGH can potentially increase cholesterol levels, which may raise the risk of cardiovascular diseases if not monitored and managed properly.
                        • Excessive or improper use of HGH may lead to abnormal growth of internal organs, which can cause various health complications and require medical intervention.
                        • Some individuals may experience numbness in different parts of the body, which can be uncomfortable and may interfere with normal sensations.
                        • HGH use can cause irritation of the nerves, leading to symptoms such as pain, tingling, or burning sensations in affected areas.

                        Post-cycle Therapy:

                        It has been suggested that HGH can be used as PCT. Although it may be beneficial, you would only use it if you were using it in a cycle. HGH has to be used for a long time and combining it with a PCT that lasts only a few weeks is ineffective. HGH may suppress the thyroid function, and therefore, the use of thyroxine in the dose of 25 micrograms per day during the cycle is advised. It can also increase glucose levels, so insulin may be added to maintain normal glucose levels depending on the dosage and cycle duration.


                        Store in a refrigerator (+2-+8°C). Protect from light. Keep out of reach of children.

                        Mixing/Combining with Steroid Cycle:

                        Anavar, Deca Durabolin, Testosterone any form, Dianabol, Anadrol, Equipoise, Trenbolone any form, IGF-1 LR3, MGF, etc.

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