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Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

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Main characteristics All specifications
Dose:: 75mg/ml
Package:: 10ml/vial
Release form:: Injection
Type:: AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids)


Producer: Prime Pharmaceuticals

Type: Injection

Unit Dosage: 75 mg/ml

Packaging: 10 ml vial

Form: Liquid

Bioactive Agent: Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

Half-Life: ~8-10 days

Category: Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid (AAS)

Dosage: 200-600 mg/week


Info: Parabolan which is otherwise known as Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, is a powerful androgenic steroid that is highly rated because of its remarkable muscle-building abilities coupled with strength enhancing features. As such it is always preferred by bodybuilders who want their muscles to appear well-defined and packed even as they grow larger.


Nutrient Absorption: By making it possible for the body to absorbs the necessary nutrients, it optimizes on building the muscles. Anabolism: Serving as an enabler, it serves to extenuate the results of any other anabolic steroids taken during your cycle. Muscle Growth: As a result, mass increases rapidly, hence making it possible for you to reach your aims earlier. Strength Gains: This would mean that you get stronger and improve your overall output of work; hence the lifting of heavy weights or carrying heavier objects over long distances becomes easy. Recovery: And so after finishing intense workouts, you can resume doing them again within no time. Libido Boost: Enhances libido, adding a spark to your personal life. Fat Burning: Assists in losing fats leading to a slimmer, ripped physique. Muscle Dryness: Gives the muscles a solid and clear appearance. Ease to Use: It does not require many injections due to its long half-life.

Recommended Dosage and Duration:

Do not use unless you have first consulted with a doctor. If used, 200-300 mg per week for 6-8 weeks may be fine, while 300-500 mg per week may be harmful. Beginners should not exceed 500-600 mg every week for 6-8 week to avoid potential damage caused by strong androgenic effects.

Possible Side Effects:

Androgenic Effects: Acne, oily skinned, increased body/facial hair, may lead to potential male-pattern baldness. Estrogenic Effects: Despite no conversion to estrogen, it might still cause water retention or gynecomastia. Cardiovascular Issues: This might impact cholesterol levels by increasing LDL (bad) and reducing HDL (good). Testosterone Suppression: Leads to poor sex drive, tiredness and mood changes as it may dampen production of the hormone naturally. Post-cycle therapy (PCT) is essential in order that normal concentrations may be restored. Liver Concerns: Even though it’s not notorious for serious liver problems, one should avoid overuse or high doses because this might cause harmful effects. It’s always good practice for individuals to check their liver working regularly. 

Combination with Other Medications:

Testosterone is responsible for building muscles and increasing strength, while maintaining the correct levels that are produced by the body. Masteron is beneficial in increasing muscle mass by increasing vascularity or resistance in addition to Parabolan thus making one look more well built. Growth Hormone promotes muscle growth, recovery, and anti-aging benefits by promoting effective tissues healing process as well as additional advantages for skin and hair. Natural growth hormone production can be optimized through the use of secretagogues or peptides. Winstrol is for keeping muscles lean during cutting cycles and also increasing tone to make body look more attractive.

Release form:
AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids)

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