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Main characteristics All specifications
Dose:: 2mg/ml
Package:: 2mg/vial
Release form:: Injection
Type:: Growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRP)

CJC1295 No DAC

Producer: Prime Pharmaceuticals

Type: Injection

Dosage: 2 mg/vial

Packaging: 1 vial

Form: Injection

Active Agent: CJC-1295

Half-Life: 5 to 8 days

Category: Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH)

Dosage: 100 to 300 mcg daily

Info: CJC-1125 is a peptide that raises Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels in an individual’s body. It is more stable and improved version of GHRH developed in the late 1990s. It is believed to have the capacity to stimulate the release of growth hormone leading to increased muscular mass, hasten recovery time.


You can experience considerable muscle growth. Growth hormone levels are raised through growth hormone stimulation. Post-workout recovery is quicker post-workout recovery is faster. There are potential anti-aging benefits. Joint health is supported when used with collagen.

Dosage and Duration:

For people new to the process, it is recommended that they should take in at least 1 milligram within seven days from when they embarked on this new lifestyle routine. Those who have familiarized themselves take larger dosages starting from 1.50 milligrams every 168 hours up to 2.0 milligrams during the same period owing to their experience level

Possible Side Effects:

At the injection spot, one might experience probable dizziness, paling of the face, vertigo or tingling. Slight water retention may occur sometimes. Sometimes there may be joint pains. The stomach may sometimes be gassy or uneasy.

Combining with Other Medications:

When obtain testosterone for boosting muscle growth and healing. With trenbolone, you will have very powerful muscles. Do you want serious gains and shorter rest periods then try deca durabolin. Get anavar if all you need is a drug that will help you maintain your lean muscle while assisting with fat loss efforts in phases of cutting.

Release form:
Growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRP)

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