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Main characteristics All specifications
Dose:: 10mg
Package:: 10mg/vial
Release form:: Injection
Type:: Peptide hormone

Melanotan II

Producer: Prime Pharmaceuticals

Type: Injection

Unit Dosage: 10 mg/vial

Packaging: 1 vial

Form: Lyophilized powder

Bioactive Agent: Melanotan-2

Half-Life: ~33 hours

Category: Peptide Hormone

Dosage: 0.5 to 2 mg per day


Info: Think of an injection into your body that boosts cellular growth and renovation; it is like magic peptide when it heals and grows like a turbocharger. This is also a favorite for athletes in terms of fitness levels because it helps boost hormones necessary to gain muscle mass; for example those that are used for body building. When people use steroids most especially together with it one will end up with fast muscle gain; these are chemicals which aid in breaking down proteins within your body thereby resulting into nitrogen release that leads into its synthesis. Here, steroids serve as the base while this peptide follows up to facilitate better outcomes in terms of progress as they are two different entities altogether. To guarantee one’s safety when using these substances he/she should first talk to a physician; then have informed approach.


A beautiful bronze tone can quickly be given to those who have fair skin through sunless tanning, helping them attain a summer tan even in winter. A noticeable increase in libido as well as stronger erections is what you should be ready for within two hours after the first shot is given (increased libido & erections). Hunger signals are reduced and food urges controlled for by acting as though it were a suppressed appetite whisperer (appetite suppression). Its function is comparable to that of an internal furnace which burns away unwanted fats thus enabling individuals to have thin bodies when they utilize it (Fat Burning).

Dosage and Duration of Use:

For new users, the recommended starting dosage is half a milligram daily. Over time, it is advised that doses should be upped to anything from one to one and a half milligrams daily. Daily intake should be between one and a half and two milligrams for those who have mastered the use of the medication.

Possible Side Effects:

Melanoma: As appealing as it may be to have a golden tan, there is a chance of getting in to melanomas instead, so better fixate on skin health first. Palpitation and Redskin: Some may undergo palpitations and reddening of their skin from ingesting small doses for the first time. Spontaneous Erections: At the current date some people might feel some unexpected erections just after starting the treatment. Mild Nausea: Minor sensation of wanting to vomit can happen while the body accustoms itself to this drug, there is no rush as everyone sometimes needs time for assimilation


Melanotan II – a single peptide hormone which spurs cell growth, helps with weight loss and makes it possible to get a bronze tint without sun exposure.It also increases sexual desire and reduces appetite.

Release form:
Peptide hormone

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