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Main characteristics All specifications
Dose:: 50mg/ml
Package:: 10ml/vial
Release form:: Injection
Type:: AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids)


Producer: Prime Pharmaceuticals

Type: Injection

Dosage: 50 mg/ml

Packaging: 10 ml vial

Form: Liquid

Active Agent: Stanozolol

Half-Life: ~24 hours

Category: AAS (Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids)

Dose: 50-100 mg/week


Info: Winstrol, also known as an injectable form of it’, comes from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) thereby making it ideal for muscle development. This implies that it has high anabolic qualities which are beneficial in muscle mass increase but do not promote water retention; thus preventing risk for developing gynecomastia – a condition where men acquire feminine breasts due to fat accumulation beneath their nipples during puberty or later years when testes have significantly reduced production levels leading to increased estrogens circulation from adipose tissues by aromatase enzyme conversion.Since it assists to regulate constant blood proteins, winstrol is excellent for any ages.


For bodybuilders and athletes, Winstrol can be revolutionary because it causes significant growth of good quality muscle, increases muscle hardness and burn body fat. It also boosts strength, allowing for heavier lifting while making one have more defined muscles.

Dosage and Usage:

Beginners use 50 mg/day, intermediates use 75 mg/day, advanced users use 100 mg/day, and women use between 10-20 mg/day.

Possible Side Effects:

Being hard on the liver, it is recommended to use it in recommended quantities. Joint pain has been attributed to desiccation in some individuals. It has been said that cholesterol levels can be highly affected and it can lower good cholesterol (HDL) as well as increase bad cholesterol (LDL). This is why it’s important for one to watch his / her cholesterol levels while at the same time ensuring that they live healthily. It can cause disruption of hormone production, particularly testosterone, resulting in decreased sex drive, shifts in emotions and low natural testosterone levels. It requires post-cycle therapy (PCT). Hair Loss: Winstrol may speed up hair loss in those susceptible to it genetically. Masculinization in Women: A woman can also experience masculinizing consequences of Winstrol such as deep voice, increased growth of facial hair; clitoris enlargement but it is better to avoid high dosage levels.

Stacking Options

 Mix Winstrol, with other drugs such as Anavar, which is good for developing slim muscles and giving them a clear definition. This should be done during body building as it helps one remain fit (Get in shape and keep to a diet routine) while also ensuring that he gets rid of any fats in the body before a competition.

Release form:
AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids)

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