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Main characteristics All specifications
Dose:: 250mg/ml
Package:: 10ml/vail
Release form:: Injection
Type:: AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids)


Producer: Prime Pharma

Type: Injection

Unit Dosage: 250 mg/ml

Packaging: 10 ml vial

Form: Liquid

Bioactive Agents: Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Isocaproate, Propionate, Decanoate, Acetate, Cypionate

Half-Life: ~3 weeks

Category: Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids (AAS)

Dosage: 250-1000 mg/week


Info: It's ideal for bulking cycles, helping to gain muscle mass and strength effectively.Sustanon is a blend of different testosterone esters, including phenylpropionate, isocaproate, propionate, decanoate, acetate, and cypionate, providing a rapid and consistent release of testosterone.


Build up of Muscle: Helps your workouts be better through significant muscle gains and higher strength. Enhanced strength: Assists you when it comes to lifting more weight, hence doing better. Overall fitness improvement: It contributes to an augmented bodybuilding; hence one has increased muscle tissue mass together with mightier appearance.

Recommended Dosage and Duration:

Beginners: 250-500 mg per week for eight weeks. Intermediate: 500-750 mg every week for 8 to 12 weeks. Advanced Users: 750-1000 mg a week over the next 12 to 16 weeks. Not recommended for women.

Possible Side Effects:

Aromatization: When testosterone converts into estrogen, water retention and gynecomastia emerge. High blood pressure: Testosterone may cause cholesterol levels to increase, leading to blocked blood vessels. Prostate enlargement: High levels of testosterone in the body may enhance sperm production, occasionally causing prostate related issues. Hair loss: There may be a genetic predisposition that is responsible for making hair thin as testosterone is converted to DHT. 

Combination with Other Medications:

In addition to that, they may be combined with other bulking agents for bulking up cycles. Hormonal support for cutting is carried out by using it at low dosages during the cutting cycles while it serves as a general support at various stages of training acting like an aid agent keeping hormonal balance in check thus enhancing overall activity.

Release form:
AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids)

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