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Main characteristics All specifications
Dose:: 200mg/ml
Package:: 10ml/fiole
Release form:: Injection
Type:: AAS (Stéroïdes anabolisants androgènes)

Testosterone Cypionate

Producer: Prime Pharmaceuticals

Type: Injection

Unit Dosage: 200 mg/ml

Packaging: 10 ml vial

Form: Liquid

Bioactive Agent: Testosterone Cypionate

Half-Life: ~8 day

Category: Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids (AAS)

Dosage: 250-1000 mg/week


Info: Testosterone Cypionate is a sophisticated form of the hormone testosterone which is contained in a tiny bottle for injections; it’s a chemical copy of the natural male hormone that makes men out of boys. It improves male characteristics and facilitates protein synthesis for muscle building; it increases libido and activates the production of insulin-like growth factor-1 that promotes muscle development and repair. If you want to increase your athletic gains, Testosterone Cypionate might be what you need.


Recovery acceleration in muscle: Accelerates recovery in muscles therefore in return there will be more gym sessions held and more intensive exercises. Energy increment: An increase in levels of energy gives strength to work-out more therefore reducing on its toughness. Health promotion: Helps you to be very happy enabling your own self truly understand how much you are important. Increased power: Enhancing your power superiorly thus achieving greater weights liftings. Muscles development: Bigger and stronger muscles promoted by a large amount of muscle accretion.

Recommended Dosage and Duration:

For beginners, it is optimal to take 250-500 mg per week. Intermediates should take between 500 and 750 mg per week. Advanced users will have to take 750 to 1000mg per week and may even go beyond that based on their experience.

Possible Side Effects:

Erectile Dysfunction: Potentially have troubles to get hard during sex. Bipolar Disorder: May go through moods that often change very quickly. Fluid Retention: Results from fluid retention. Male Breast Development: Is associated with increased amounts of fat in the chest area commonly referred to as man boobs or gynecomastia when taking doses of large quantities. Pimples or Oily Face: Seems like puberty acne type. Cholesterol Level: Can cause changes in the cholesterol level leading to high bad cholesterol. Alopecia Areata: Men whose genes predispose them may experience loss of hair from specific parts of their heads.

Combination with Other Medications:

For Muscle Building, use together with Dianabol or Deca Durabolin. Use Trenbolone or Winstrol for Cutting. Use Anavar or Halotestin for Strength. Use Equipoise or Masteron for Endurance.

Release form:
AAS (Stéroïdes anabolisants androgènes)

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