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Nolvadex 25 mg

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Main characteristics All specifications
Dose:: 25mg/tabs
Package:: 100tabs
Release form:: Oral
Type:: Selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)

Nolvadex 25 mg (Tamoxifene)

Manufacturer : Hutech Labs

Category : Oral

Dose and quantity : 25 mg/tablet

Packaging : 100 tablets

Form : Oral

Active substance : Tamoxifene Citrate

Active half-life : 5-7 days

Classification : Selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)

Dosage : 20-40 mg per day

Water retention : No

Aromatization : No

Nolvadex, also referred to as tamoxifen citrate is a medication utilized for treating and preventing breast cancer. It falls under the category of estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs). Can be purchased online often alongside steroids.

The medication functions, by obstructing estrogen receptors in the breast halting the growth and spread of cancer cells that rely on estrogen for their progression. Consistent daily intake at the time is essential to keep blood levels stable.

Nolvadex serves purposes. It is frequently employed in breast cancer treatment effectively addressing the ailment in both advanced stages regardless of the patients sex. Moreover Nolvadex is used preventively in high risk women to lower their risk of developing breast cancer. Furthermore it is prescribed to women undergoing fertility treatments due to its capacity to stimulate ovulation rendering it an option for medical requirements.

The correct dosage of Nolvadex varies based on conditions and individual factors such as age, weight and overall health. The medication comes in strengths including 25, mg tablets.

Nolvadex 25 mg offers benefits, such, as its effectiveness in lowering the chances of breast cancer coming its utility in addressing breast cancer in both men and women and its capacity to decrease the likelihood of breast cancer in individuals at high risk. Moreover it is utilized for managing gynecomastia ( breast growth) in males and for supporting bone strength, in women after menopause.

But Nolvadex, like many medications, has potential negative effects. Hot flashes, dryness or discharge in the vagina, headaches, exhaustion, nausea, and a higher risk of blood clots and endometrial cancer are a few of these symptoms. It's critical that anyone thinking about using Nolvadex understand both the medication's advantages and its drawbacks.

Release form:
Selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)

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