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Oxandrolone ( Anavar )

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Main characteristics All specifications
Dose:: 10 mg/tab
CAS Number:: 53-39-4
Molecular Formula:: C19H30O3
Package:: 100 tabs
Release form:: Pills


Manufacturer: Hilma Biocare

Package: 100 tablets / bottle (10 mg / tablet)

Info: Anavar, referred to with its brand name Oxandrin is an oral anabolic androgenic steroid based off dihydrotestosterone(DHT). It is famous for mild anabolic actions and little androgenicity hence favored for therapeutic treatment as well as sports doping.Oxandrolone works through binding to androgen receptors located on muscle tissue which help synthesize proteins and retain nitrogen. When this happens, the tissues grow stronger and stay health. It is because of its DHT derivative that doesn’t change into estrogen making it one of most avoided anabolic steroids. The Oxandrolone profile features an androgenic index of 25 and an anabolic index of 400. It exhibits no estrogen level or progestational activity and has moderate to low liver toxicity. 


Oxandrolone increases the hardness of lean muscles. It also helps in fat burning. While it may not be a significant mass gainer for men, especially during the off-season, it can yield substantial growth for women, as they are more sensitive to the hormone.

Dosage range and duration of use

The common cycle duration for Oxandrolone is 5 to 12 weeks. Dosages vary depending on experience level: beginners typically take 20-30 mg/day, hobbyists 30-50 mg/day, professionals 30-100 mg/day, and women 10-20 mg/day. Its half-life is 8-12 hours, and the detection time is around 3 weeks, though some athletes have reported a maximum detection time of around 2 months.

Side effects

Possible side effects of the Oxandrolone are reduced appetite, stomach ache, nausea, headaches, and hypertension. It also reduces the level of gonadotropin and may cause the testicles to shrink when the dosage is too high. It has been established that after 12 weeks of use of doses of 80 mg/ day, there is a decrease in testosterone levels by 67%. All in all, Oxandrolone is ranked as one of the safest anabolic steroids to use.

Post-cycle therapy

Begin post-cycle therapy two weeks after the last injection was made. You can use: Tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex) or/and clomiphene citrate (Clomid) Should you be on Anavar high doses, you can add HCG to your cycle

    10 mg/tab
    CAS Number:
    Molecular Formula:
    100 tabs
    Release form:

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