Oxymetholone ( Anadrol )

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Dose:: 50 mg/tab
CAS Number:: 0434-07-01
Molecular Formula:: C21H32O3
Package:: 100 tabs
Release form:: Pills


Manufacturer: Hilma Biocare

Package: 100 tablets/bottle (50 mg/tablet)

Info: Athletes, power-lifters, and bodybuilders use Anadrol, another term for Oxymetholone, an anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) available in tablet form, to improve their performance. It comes from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and has a reputation for its ability to increase muscle size and strength.Oxymetholone functions by elevating protein creation in the muscle tissues and holds nitrogen. This leads to substantial increments in lean mass and force. It equally stimulates erythropoiesis which in turn ensures better hyperemia, by virtue of which uncommon stamina is facilitated. Unlike many substances from the Dihydrotestosterone category, oxymetholone does not change into estrogens at all; nevertheless they may appear occurred because of its exclusive spatial configuration. The Oxymetholone profile features an androgen index of 30-45 and an anabolic index of 320. It has low estrogen levels and moderate progestin activity, with moderate liver toxicity.


Oxymetholone is a major bulking steroid known for its potential to yield up to 15kg of muscle gain per cycle. It increases strength and protein synthesis while potentially reducing joint pain for some athletes. Additionally, it enhances red blood cells, endurance, appetite, hemoglobin synthesis, and bone calcium formation. 

Dosage and Duration

The common cycle duration for Oxymetholone is 3-8 weeks. Dosages are as follows: beginners (not recommended): 25-50 mg/day, hobbyists: 50-150 mg/day, professionals: 100-300 mg/day, and women (not recommended): 25-50 mg/day. Its half-life is 9 hours, with an active duration of 16 hours.

Side Effects

Long-term use risks: hepatitis, liver problems, cirrhosis, vomiting, nausea, stomach discomfort, loss of appetite, headaches, sleeplessness, diarrhoea, mood swings

Virilization: oily skin, acne, body and facial hair, male pattern baldnes

Post-Cycle Therapy

Begin 24 hours after the last dose with Clomiphene citrate (Clomid) for 3-4 weeks to recover testosterone levels. Avoid tamoxifen citrate.

50 mg/tab
CAS Number:
Molecular Formula:
100 tabs
Release form:

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