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Dose:: 50mg/cp
Package:: 100cp
Release form:: Oral
Type:: AAS (stéroïdes anabolisants androgènes)

Primobolan A 50mg

Manufacturer: Hutech Labs

Category: Oral

Dose and Quantity: 50 mg/tablet

Packaging: 100 tablets

Form: Oral

Active Substance: Methenolone

Active Half-life: 5-7 days

Classification: AAS

Dosage: 400-800 mg per week

Water Retention: Yes

Aromatization: Yes

Primobolan is adored by numerous bodybuilders as well as athletes. This steroid can be injected with ease and purchased effortlessly over the internet. It is liked by many people since it aids them in increasing their muscle size and strength hence better performance while competing among others according to them how they compare in this area. However, contrary to what some think Primobolan is said to be composed of dihydrotestosterone also known as methenolone acetate. In simple terms it attaches to particular receptors in your body which in turn stimulate protein synthesis leading to muscle hypertrophy. 

Another advantage worth mentioning is that Primobolan does not cause many of the usual side effects such as acne or hair loss because it isn’t too androgenic. The dose for men is usually from 400 - 800 mg per week while that for women is usually in the range of 50 - 100 mg per week. Normally use lasts for 8 - 12 weeks.

Primobolan is appreciated by individuals due to its ability to increase muscle mass while shedding off excessive body fats hence giving an individual toned features. Additionally, it is a great for recuperation meaning that one is capable of bouncing back faster following strenuous physical activity. However there are various dangers associated with it including liver damage as well as hormonal imbalances caused by abuse which may result in serious issues; that is why caution should always be observed during its useimesteps.

Release form:
AAS (stéroïdes anabolisants androgènes)

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